Purple Tiger

The mysticism of Asia.
A land where, today, trends meets tradition.
A fusion of bold colours; Red, Black, Yellow, Blue...
Fragrances that capture and transport the senses.
Enchanting sounds that resonate in both mind and spirit.
A far off land that never ceases to enchant and surprise.
Delicate and dynamic in the same stroke.

All of which can be found in Purple Tiger.
A child of Asia, Purple Tiger harnesses its strong tea heritage and blends it with a dash of audacity and youth.
Traditional flavours brought to life by unique ingredients.
Driven by curiosity, Purple Tiger surprises with its combinations and trendy creations.
Respectful of what make tea authentic, it suggests a new way to taste Asia in a cup.

Purple Tiger. Asia with a twist.

Our Work

We aspire to refine the standard of fusion tea. Our expertise allows us to select the right tea and ingredients, providing to our customers a real tea experience with consistence from a harvest to another.

Our flavours are original and always unexpected, providing a new drinking experience to tea drinkers and connoisseurs.

We aim to make quality tea accessible to everybody. We always make sure our products are competitive in terms of price, quality but also we provide a large range of flavours, making sure we can satisfy ranges of customers.

Fine Teas

Asian, trendy and curious, Purple Tiger suggests a new way to taste Asia in a cup of tea. It enhances the consumer’s curiosity and encourages the discovery of new flavours.

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Our Products

We believe tea is a drink for all people from different generations. Without falling into the “fashion tea”, we bring to the market a new view on Tea, making fusion tea trendy and younger. Our image is young and colourful.

  • Green Tea

    Authenticity and Honesty

    Purple Tiger processes Green Teas with either steam heat or with dry heat such as pan firing or a quick baking process in an oven. Our Green Teas are sweet, nutty, vegetal, buttery, floral, fruity, and oceanic. We use our savoir-faire to find the best blend, bringing you inner peace at each sip.

  • Black Tea

    Elegance and Maturity

    Purple Tiger prepares Black Teas by breaking tea leaves or rolling them in order for them to become fully oxidized. Our Black Teas tend to be bold and brisk, and they are often described as astringent. With Purple Tiger’s Black Tea blend, you can experience maturity and elegance in a cup.

  • Milk Tea

    Versatility and Youth

    Milk Tea has many forms. It can be as simple as a splash of milk in your Assam or English Breakfast tea, or it can be a complex recipe like masala chai or bubble tea. The addition of milk results in a less astringent, less bitter flavour. Purple Tiger travels around the world to find unexpected elements to add to Milk Tea, creating more fun and surprise for those who drink it.

  • Oolong Tea

    Intellect and Tradition

    Oolong Teas are semi-oxidized. Once Purple Tiger picks the tea leaves, they are rolled and allowed to oxidize. Oxidation produces the floral notes that characterize many Oolongs. Most famous Oolong teas hail from Formosa. Purple Tiger applies its skillfully handmade technique to produce spiritual Oolongs.

Process Temperature

Purple Tiger has passed on its deep respect for what make tea authentic through 3 generations of traditional tea-making techniques.


Worldwide Event

Purple Tiger is a brand with the spirit of Asia, the collision of trendiness and tradition, offering selected quality teas blending with a dash of unexpected flavours from different ingredients.




iTQI – The “Michelin Guide Of Book”

Purple Tiger’s Chamomile Oolong and High Mountain Oolong won 3 Golden Stars Superior Taste Award 2017.




Food Taipei – The Beginning

We started tea journey from home, lovely Formosa, the island with the most vibrant culture in the world.




Romeo and Juliet’s Home

Purple Tiger participated a cultural event hold by inAsia Associazione Culturale. We shared our passion of tea with romantic Italian people.




When tradition meets modern

Our delicate Turmeric Black Tea is the winner of Hot Beverage for FoodService Quality Food Award. Black Tea falls in love with Turmeric.




Anuga – The biggest food fair in the world

Purple Tiger shared its unique vision on Asian culture with visitors from the world. It is a new and modern way to enjoy tea and feel dynamic culture.


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FAX: +886-48752174
Email: tiger@purpletigertea.com
Web: www.purpletigertea.com